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What is a Truth?

I believe Truths to be simple and that humans complicate things. First off, if it is too complicated or too complex to understand then it isn’t a Truth. To me, a Truth should not require convincing, persuading, manipulating, bullying or outright threats of damnation, hell or violence to be accepted.

A Truth is only a Truth when the person is ready for it to be so. A Truth that makes sense to one person will not necessarily make sense to another, at least not until they are ready for it to make sense to them. Additionally, knowing or experiencing a Truth doesn’t make you better then anyone else, or more advanced, it only means that you are at a point in life where you are ready to understand.

A truth is never set in stone. It will last through the ages, be malleable enough to apply to any cultures. Above all, a truth should just “feel” right to you.

A Truth should make sense and will cause an unconscious nodding of the head in agreement without any realization you are nodding your head, at least until you notice yourself doing it. With this being said, I also believe that Truths are personal and dependent upon where a person is in their life.

In short, when a Truth is discovered (or rediscovered) it bridges “waking” self to the “knowing” part of ourselves. The Truth is something that we know, but don’t know why we know it. It gives us a deep feeling of satisfaction like we have just uncovered something amazing and yet so simple that we never thought we would forget it… and yet we did. To me, this desire to find, or remember, Truths is at the heart of a Seeker. A Seeker is someone who has felt or experienced the “Knowing” part of their-selves and are now seeking.


Seek knowledge, instruction and advice about how to do a specific thing, but never about whether or not you should do it.

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